Lisa De Prudhoe is a contemporary constructivist painter whose work has been shown all over the world. Her spatial compositions are explorations that involve dedicated, time-intensive techniques, often leading to dozens of layers of paint on the canvas. The result is an extraordinary use of colour, shape, and form that projects not only a distinctive vitality but encourages deeper perceptions of balance, movement, density, and depth of field.

A truly international soul, Lisa De Prudhoe was born California in 1963 and raised between London and Panama. She has also lived in Africa, Asia, and Australia. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts with honours in English Literature and History, Lisa worked as a photographer for various international newspapers and agencies, taking her from the Sandinista conflict in Nicaragua to the Himalayas in Tibet. She went on to work for The Society of Environmental Exploration and The United Nations, living first in Tanzania and later in Zanzibar.

In the early 1990s, based once again in Panama, Lisa began dedicating her professional talents to painting. By the end of the decade, she had enjoyed several sell-out shows and received considerable critical acclaim. Her work joined the collections of The Museum of Contemporary Art and The Inter-Oceanic Museum and she exhibited in Ecuador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Melbourne, and Miami.

Into the new millennium and Lisa re-settled once again! For the last eight years she’s been living in Manchester, in the north of England. She has enjoyed a successful series of exhibitions with the Wendy J. Levy Contemporary Art Gallery and is included in the book, “A Colourful Canvas – 12 Women Artists in the North West”. Lisa has also shown at the Prada Gallery in Washington D.C. Next year, Lisa will be included in another book, “El Rostro Atraz de la Obra” by the acclaimed photographer Philippe Arnoux where she’s thrilled to share the pages with artists she greatly admires such as the magnificent Guillermo Trujillo and the ever-amazing Olga Sinclair.